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The Best Crypto and Web3 PR Agencies 2022
The blockchain and crypto industry is becoming overheated with competition while brands left and right clamor to secure that next big headline. That’s where hiring the top crypto PR agency comes in.
Why do crypto and blockchain companies need PR?
Crypto-focused and Web 3.0 public relations is increasingly more important for blockchain, DeFi, and NFT companies. As the crypto and blockchain industry becomes more wide-spread and mainstream, a fair amount of crypto PR agencies have emerged.

The blockchain and crypto industry is getting heated with competition while brands left and right clamor to secure that next big headline. That’s where hiring the top crypto PR agency comes in. With their ability to secure coverage in top crypto media like Beincrypto, CoinTelegraph, CoinDesk, Decrypt, and more, hiring one of the best crypto PR agencies is the best chance at having your crypto brand’s story picked up in the news.

Here is our curated list of best web 3 crypto and blockchain PR agencies to help your brand gain awareness.

What does a Crypto PR agency do?
A Crypto PR or Web 3 agency focuses on blockchain, NFT, DeFi, and other crypto-native companies secure organic coverage with leading media both inside and outside the world of Web 3.

The right Crypto PR agency will hone your brand messaging, assemble media pitches, build communications strategies, and facilitate the process of snagging headlines for their clients in popular media.

What’s the difference between crypto PR and traditional PR?
The blockchain industry and crypto world moves exponentially faster than traditional industries. The beauty of web 3 and crypto industry is that it isn’t monopolized by large tech companies, and that the industry as a whole embraces decentralization. The key message of web 3 products is that they are built, operated, and owned by its users. This distribution of power and avoidance of bureaucratic nonsense contributes to the lightning-fast pace of the industry. Crypto PR agencies are both skilled in their trade and possess the inside knowledge as to how to get products covered with the top crypto journalists.

The top Crypto PR agencies will have strong connections and relationships with qualified journalists and reporters.

Best crypto pr agency
How much do crypto PR Agencies cost?
Every blockchain and crypto PR agency will charge different rates and have their own way of billing clients. The average rate for mid-tier agencies will run from $12k-$20,000 on a monthly retainer. Top tier agencies start at a $20,000 per month retainer. It’s no chump change, but your company's reputation is also on the line.

It’s imperative to feel as though you're in good hands with whichever agency you end up choosing. The truth is that most agencies have the same contacts, as there are a finite number of crypto-dedicated journalists and media. Most agencies also use the same PR tools along with the same resources.

Price is not an indicator of the quality of work you’ll receive–that’s why we want to emphasize how important it is to feel the agency takes the time to understand your needs and goals and will act like a partner in your best interest vs an account.

What are the benefits of hiring a crypto PR agency?
Public relations is a strategic communication process that builds brand awareness, aids in fostering beneficial relationships and partnerships and builds credibility with your brand. As businesses and audiences evolve, marketing and communications do, too. From what was once an outbound-heavy era we’re seeing a powerful shift towards consumer-centric marketing. Brands, more than ever, are focused on serving the needs of consumers. PR and marketing now go hand-in-hand to design an efficient funnel yielding powerful results.

Top Crypto PR Agencies in 2022

We’ve wrangled a few of the top Crypto PR agencies into a list and pointed out the pros, cons and useful information. If you’re wondering who your competitors work with, the answer is: probably all, at some point in time.

If you’re new to the PR scene, it’s common for companies to shop around until they find the right fit. Larger companies or enterprises will hire multiple PR agencies to cover more ground. Companies with products with varying markets also opt for different crypto PR agencies as one agency may be a better fit for X project and another for Y.

And now, that you’re up to speed, let’s explore the Top Crypto Agencies in 2022.

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FuturPR: one of the leading crypto PR and marketing agencies
1. FuturPR
FuturPR is a boutique communications agency focused on partnering with emerging tech and innovative brands. They work with top tier media and industry leaders to secure placements, earn speaking opportunities, encourage brands to own a narrative to gain traction and visibility.

FuturPR specializes in identifying competitive advantages so brands don't get lost in the noise. From full 360° creative campaigns with influencer management and guerilla marketing, to the nitty-gritty of SEO and PPC.

They also have an Advisory arm which works with founders in any stage of their journey to help them reach their goals.

Clients include: Everscale Network, Aragon,, Intel, American Express, Government Blockchain Association and more.

  • They don’t outsource, all work is done in-house
  • Headquarters in NYC and Amsterdam
  • All employees speak native English, are remote and flexible to meet a client’s time zone
  • Known for their adaptability and bringing ingenuity to campaigns
  • Treats the client like a partner
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Melrose PR
2. Melrose PR
Melrose is a PR agency focused mainly on various crypto and blockchain projects. They help companies run campaigns involving publications, interviews, and other forms of media to help promote product launches. The services they offer include sponsored content, social media strategy, and improving brand awareness.

Clients include: BitGo, Fold, Wave Financial, StormX, Offshift and more.

  • Headquarters in California
  • They've been in business since 2012
  • Specializes in long-term marketing plans
3. MarketAcross

MarketAcross is a familiar name in the crypto industry. They're a crypto-focused paid media marketing agency specializing in public relations and brand awareness for clients that are willing to pay for the placements. They also have good relationships with journalists from major publications, bloggers, and editors.

Clients include: BitTorrent, NEO and Simplex.
4. Bigleap
Bigleap (previously Foxtail Marketing) is a digital marketing and PR agency that also works with non-native crypto brands. They can also undertake marketing services which include paid placements, SEO marketing, content marketing and automation.

Token agency
5. Token Agency
Last but not least, Token Agency is a strategic marketing agency focused on emerging tech brands. Being focused on the crypto-scene, this agency is excellent for diving into the details of paid services as they're very data-driven. An agency such as Token Agency would have excellent synergy when paired with a creative or consumer-centric driven agency.

Wrapping Up: The best crypto Public Relations agencies and how to choose
“PR is what you say about people when they are not in the room.” It's no question that a multi-billionaire such as Jeff Bezos knows what he's talking about.

To underline the entrepreneur's summary, PR is your reputation. It's what people think about you, it's what you they believe about you and what the think they know about you.

Reputation is important because reputation builds trust and trust drives sale. PR is what you fall back on if you're dealing with a crisis. A PR team specialized in crisis is like wearing an invisible layer of kevlar; if you find yourself in a bad situation or receive bad press, have disgruntled customers leaving negative reviews or your network faces a crippling hack-- you need crisis management. All businesses need to have that protective layer on which they can fall back. Reputation is first class valuable.

How do I hire a PR agency?
It might be helpful to view the potential PR agency not as an external source, but as a partner. The best results come from a company and agency whose goals and expectations are aligned.

Now it’s time to start thinking about your goals. Define what your goals are and what you want to accomplish by working with a PR agency. Not all agencies are the same or can align on your objectives so it’s imperative you find one you know can understand your brand.

2. Set your budget and expectations
Prices vary wildly in the PR Wild West. Many PR agencies adopt a retainer model which is best for brands who aim for long-term partnerships. Some agencies offer small packages which are more budget friendly.

The typical mid-tier PR agency focused in a specific niche can start at $15,000/month retainer and offer many of the services mentioned above. Higher tier agencies will start at a minimum $20k retainer. The differences between the two are not significant–though your company will be able to boast working with a marquee name.

Hybrid PR and Marketing agencies can also operate with the familiar retainer-based model but having that all-in solution will result in more bang for your buck.

Tip: Always be upfront with your budget and ask about any hidden rates or fees. You don’t want to be surprised with a nasty bill. This is one reason why retainers are so attractive–you won’t be counting any man hours and there’s no overtime.

3. Get your questions ready
After thinking through what you can and want to do, contact the agency to set up a meeting and draft a list of questions. You’ll need to know if your brand’s values and mission can align with the agency in question.

You’ll want to ask about pricing, their experience, how they respond to your brand’s goals, any particular specialties they have, core values, and if they have bandwidth to take on another client. You don’t want to fall into the funnel only to find out they don’t have the time to dedicate their time to truly understanding your goals.

6. Set transparent expectations
After you've decided which PR agency you want to work with, each party should reiterate on expectations. Make your objectives and goals clear.

You’ll want to establish together exactly where you hold your main communications be it via email, telegram or a slack channel and the frequency. Working with your new PR agency shouldn’t ever feel like a burden.

7. Time to onboard your PR agency!
This is the final and most exciting step. It’s time to collect your company’s internal documents like pitch decks, visions and values, branding, strategy and anything else you feel might help your new teammates educate themselves.

Communicate, collaborate and ready for an incredibly valuable journey into exceeding your brand’s goals.

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